A digital aficionado professional.

The boring stuff

I have got a BA in Marketing and Advertising and have recently finished a master’s degree in Digital Media at the London Metropolitan University. I started my career working with traditional marketing and then migrated to the digital media sector few years ago in order to be up-to-date with what the industry required and customers expected. It was then when I fell in love with website design and development and have never looked back.

All-round experience

The fact that I’ve worked in the traditional and digital media sectors gives me a unique perspective when it comes to designing and developing a website as I am able to direct my focus at the best ways of enabling customers to achieve their goals by making their website appeal to their targeted audience.

I specialise in responsive website design and front-end development but I am also an expert when it comes to planning and implementing a SEO strategy in order to help your website stay a step ahead of the competition and fight for a better position on the Google SERPs. The ultimate goal here is to increase visibility and generate more leads.

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